Services and References

Wildfire Studios – offer diverse services tailored to meet your professional needs. These services take into account your desire, needs and timeline to produce a product that is valued by you. Customer satisfaction is critically important to Wildfire Studios. We will work hard to earn your respect and gratitude for delivering a product that meets your needs.


Ben and Audrey Wood

Scott and Jennifer Wood

Erica and Everett Campbell

Robbie and Talisha

Brian and Kate Spaetti

Senior Photos

Frank Peterlin

Hope Peterlin


Family Events

Turnabout Dance

School Activities




Lee and Tamara Carr, baby

Madalyn Hall, Beauty Pageant

Firefighter Personal Portrait

David Dickinson

Ted Waldroup

Rick Schnautz

Corporate Portrait

Facility and people working and performing tasks, useful for annual reports and portfolio development.

Public Figures

Ted Cruz campaign

Mitch Daniels, Indiana Governor

Beauty and Fashion Photography

Event Photography

Indiana Fire Chiefs Association

Awards Dinner

Chief Dale Henson

Supporting Heroes

Fund Raising Gala

Eric Johnson

Response Photography

Indianapolis Fire Department

Attn. Battalion Chief Rita Reith

Firefighter Close Calls

Attn. Brian Kazmierzak

Operations Chief

Gary Fire Department

Attn. Chief Paul Bradley

Fire Engineering Magazine

FrontBumper Blog

Praetorian Digital


Situation Awareness Matters

Dr. Richard Gasaway

Fire Chief Magazine

Backdraft Magazine

T.L. Hunt

Fundraising Event

Calendar photos

Evansville Fire Department

3 photograph books

Professional Firefighters Union Local 317

Attn. Larry Zuber

Fire Ops 101 photographer

Underwater Laboratories

Research Photography

Steve Kerber

National Institute of Science and Technology

Research Photography

Dan Madrzykowski

Kill the Flashover

Research Photography

Joe Starnes

Indianapolis Airport Disaster Drill

Chief Kevin Elmore

Evansville Airport Disaster Drill

Larry Krack

Griffith Airport Disaster Drill

Joe Martin

National Fire Sprinkler Association

Event Photography

Vickie Pritchett

Congressional Fire Services Institute

Event Photography

Bill Webb

National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Poster Development

Report photos

International Association of Fire Chiefs

Newsletter photographs

Volunteer and Combination Officers Section

Report photos